The El Greco franchise is a highly attractive business proposition as it combines the trifecta of ”street cafe – roasting company – pantopoleio” harmoniously and with the Greek style. It concerns an expanded business product mix which promotes the Greek culture  with the comparative advantage that it serves different markets while following an original approach model. The El Greco franchise penetrates the thriving business growth of the cafe, which you can enjoy accompanied by the signature El Greco sandwiches, puff pastries and sweets that praise Greece. At the same time the shop-in -shop deli & coffee roasting enables the customer to choose from a wide variety of fine PDO products and the exquisite, aromatic, freshly cut blend of cafe El Greco for home and work.


The franchise system of El Greco is designed to ensure the smooth operation of the stores, with full and continuous initial support, while providing all the necessary components for its successful and profitable course.

Excellent design and quality of materials, construction of a store at a very low cost and in less than a month.

SANREMO RACER machine which is included in the price and is the top espresso machine, as one can easily see, simply by "tickling"

Excellent logistical and human infrastructure of a parent company, covering production, training center and technical support (service).

Wide area exclusivity.

Feasibility study and evaluation of trade marks.

Possibility of turnkey delivery.

Successful course of a parent company since 2007, with high know-how and many years of experience.

Excellent coffee, at the lowest purchase price from the store compared to all the competition, something that can be seen simply by looking at the material in the production facilities of the company! - hence the largest gross profit margin of the entire coffee shop market

Excellent equipment

Differentiated design.

Successful course of the parent company since 2007, with high expertise and many years of experience.

Excellent equipment.

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The main product of El Greco is coffee, coffee that is characterized by top quality which is ensured on the one hand by the strict selection of single origin and microlot raw coffee beans and on the other hand by the process of production – roasting which takes place at the privately owned premises of the parent company.
The coffees available in El Greco stores relate to two basic blends.
EL GRECO SUPERIOR BLEND : A unique blend that is distinguished for the three Arabica varieties, the acidity of Sidamo Arabica and the clarity of Guatemala.
EL GRECO 100% ARABICA BLEND : A blend with a strong body and aroma, characterized by low acidity and longevity in taste.
Also available , single origin varieties like Brazil Carmo, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Kenya ”SL-28” and Guatemala Huehuetenango, that change every 3 – 4 weeks. Also available are flawless micro lot coffees of top quality, each from a single field of a specific farm with a small attitude range and on a specific harvest day.
In addition to coffees , El Greco offers teas and chocolates for in store consumption or take away, but also for home and work as well as a selected range of savory and sweet snacks, such as quality, sandwiches, pastries etc.


The design of El Greco overturns the established ones by presenting a vintage style with tha handmade style dominating in the store, from the sign to the characteristic clock that stands out. In the stone. All the furniture, from the counter, to the showcases of the coffee grinder and the coffee silos are near and highlight the products, creating a pleasant and very friendly atmosphere that favors the visit in the store.


All owners of El Greco stores, as well as their staff, are trained through certified training at the company’s privately owned training center. Also, during the initial period of operation of the stores, experienced associates of El Greco remain in the stores throughout their opening hours aiming at the complete initial support.


El Greco stores are equipped with Sanremo coffee machines, the leading italian brand, inspired by motorcycles and designed by champions. Great machines for professionals, by professionals, for those who know what they want. In particular, the stores are equipped with the Cafe Racer series, which is a high – tech espresso machine that achieves high levels of speed, accuracy and ease of use. At the same time it enables the barista for multiple levels of setting, which offers different taste profiles, eliminates human error and has been aesthetically adapted especially for El Greco.


The parent company of El Greco has an experienced and specialized technical support department for its parents-franchises. It undertakes complete and immediate repair of any damage through Greece and provides general service of machines, coffee grinds and granite machines with a written guarantee. It also has the necessary range of spare parts ready for delivery.